Sedona is one of the few places I have ever visited where people seem to actually realize they live somewhere very special and are determined to take care of it.

Normally, we come during the winter months, but we got tired of driving through this:

So we switched our week to around my birthday (and we got a different unit).  We are beyond pleased.

Yes, it is hot.  It is hot at home and the surroundings are not as spectacular.

On our way here, we stopped at my sister-in-law’s house and, as a result, decided to head south on Highway 65 rather than driving back over to the 99.  I found myself looking at the landscape and realizing this has been my view out the windows for as long as I can remember.

Near Bakersfield, there are oil wells.  They have always looked like big birds pecking the earth to me,

or possibly the Martians’ machines from War of the Worlds.

As we went past Tehachapi, I thought, “Yep, this is what my part of the world looks like in the summer.”

Then, of course, you drop down into the Mojave where it is drier still.  It was 114 degrees in Needles as we got to the Arizona border.  I don’t think there’s any excuse for that.

We stay at the Hyatt.

I was devastated when we pulled up this year and the little horse was gone.  Apparently, the gallery which had loaned him to the Hyatt went under (in this economy?  you think?) and I miss him dearly.  I was in love with that horse.


On our strolls about Sedona, we encounter Javelinas.

Not the real thing, obviously.

Wild pigs are smart and vicious.  And this year I found a t-shirt that said, “Javelinas LOVE people.  They taste like chicken!” which about sums it up.

Our new unit has the living room facing east? north? and the bedroom facing south? west? which is supremely pleasant.  When we sit on the patio, we look directly across at our old unit in the full glare of the sun.  Of course, when we were coming here in the winter, we couldn’t really enjoy the balcony.  (Isn’t he cute?)

We have eaten dinner outside every evening.  There has been wind a breeze every evening and it is singularly pleasant.  And the views are wonderful.

Elephant Rock

In the morning, the smaller deck off the bedroom is a great place to sit and knit.  It’s good to be on vacation.

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