Kate tagged me with some questions, which involved thinking.  I was happily reading all her answers to the questions she’d been sent when I discovered I had been added to the mix.


Of all the projects you’ve knitted for yourself, which do you wear most often?

My initial response was socks because I wear my handknit socks almost every chance I get.  But I realized the ONE object I wear most often is a vest I made for myself in 2000 while going through cancer treatments.  I am sure there was a pattern and the pattern had a name, but I haven’t got a clue what it is/was.

What item would you never knit, even if you were offered a million pounds/dollars/euros to make one?

A willie warmer.  Wrong on so many levels.  And, really?  A total waste of time.

Do you have a favorite place to knit in your home?

Oddly, in bed; with my little all-region DVD player on my knees.

How long do you spend knitting per day?

I think it averages out to about two hours.  I work full time and then there’s that wife/mother/housekeeping thing.  That really cuts into my knitting time.  I have also rediscovered my love of counted cross-stitch, I like to make jewelry, I sew, and I want to learn to spin.  Clearly, I need to retire.

Do you have a favourite knitting (or other craft) magazine?

Not any more.  I own more patterns than I can knit in what remains of my lifetime and eventually most of the magazines got on my nerves.  Vogue Knitting has more errata than a freshman essay. I hate the new Interweave Knits format.  And Knitter’s has gone somewhere decidedly odd.

Have you ever used knitting needles for something other than knitting?

They are especially handy for getting things out of that teeny tiny space between the seat and the console between the front seats that I can see but couldn’t reach even if I were as thin as Jack Skellington.  They’re also for good for poking through things.  I occasionally threaten my husband with them, but he smugly responds that I don’t want to get blood on my needles so he’s safe.

Have you ever – successfully – taught someone else to knit?

My daughter.  She’s better than I am.

What is your favorite flavor of crisps?

I am not a crisps fan.  I will, however, eat tortilla chips until the cows come home.

Have you ever given up knitting for a long period of time (more than six months)?

1990-1999.  I left the Health Department where I had knitting friends and began teaching and without someone to encourage me (and the only good yarn shop in town closing), I just stopped.  That’s why I’m so grateful to the online knitting community.

What makes you laugh?

Damn near everything.  If someone has a dry sense of humor, I am helpless.

What is your favorite book?

This is a completely unfair question to ask an English teacher/librarian!  Whatever I’m reading at the moment?  I read Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere just before going to London so that my daughter and I could collapse in hysterics together as we went through Blackfriars or Earl’s Court on the Tube.  The Brits did not approve of our Tube behavior.

Do you accurately know how much yarn you own?

I know where it is.  Does that count?

I am supposed to tag 12 others with 12 new questions.

And my questions are:

  • Who taught you to knit?
  • Do you remember the first thing you made?
  • Do you knit more for yourself or others?
  • Is there a price too large to spend on a knitting project?
  • Do you knit patterns more than once?
  • Do you have a favorite knitwear designer?
  • What is your opinion of those ginormous needle sizes?
  • Do you understand the Zimmerman EPS system?
  • Do you knit in public?
  • Have you been part of a KAL?
  • Have you ever knit a “mystery” item?
  • Do you knit English or Continental?

Author: marji

Reader. Knitter. Smartass.

4 thoughts on “surprise!”

  1. I love your replies. 😀 *makes a note to read Neverwhere* Although you must realise that laughter on the Tube is a punishable offence and you could have ended up in The Tower. 😛

  2. Another good reason to read “Neverwhere”. I’m with you on the current crop of knitting magazines, I still get Vogue but only because it would be wrong to not get any.

    Tagged? Argh. As long as there’s no time limit…..

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