small town life

I was born in Tulare and attended high school and junior college in Porterville.  I lived on dairies for the most part, although there was one year living IN Tulare while my dad tried something other than farming and, after he died, my mother and I lived in an apartment in Porterville for three years.  I got married in Tipton, and now live in a rural area east of Madera.

I lived in Fresno for 23 years and the Fresno-Clovis Metropolitan Area is home to half a million people, so I count that as city living.  However, I have spent 36 years in or near small towns.

People ask me what it’s like.

Well, it doesn’t take very long to get anywhere and sometimes animals get loose and decide to have an adventure.


Kids and their moms show up at school.  What can I say?  Its a quiet life.

Author: marji

Reader. Knitter. Smartass.

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