wip wednesday

Everything I started last year is off the needles. Mr. B’s Spring Jacket, my Weekend Sweater, the Decidedly Untweedy Vest, and the Shadow Rib Socks are all finished, blocked, and worn.


Oddly, these socks fit me right up to the moment they went in the water. Something relaxed (the bamboo?) and last night Mr. B was smugly pattering about in them telling me it’s what I get for accidentally felting his sweater.

I am recycling the Plymouth Fantasy Naturale from an earlier attempt into Crystal Palace’s Cabled Sleeveless Shell. I am endlessly mesmerized by the patterns the variegated yarn is creating. Once this goes in the water, the yarn will relax and the bumpy look caused by knitting with previously used yarn will go away.


I also have a few rounds of the Horcrux Socks done, but it’s nothing to look at.

Author: marji

Reader. Knitter. Smartass.

1 thought on “wip wednesday”

  1. The bamboo/nylon yarn I used for a lacy vest went a bit floppy after washing, so I’ll say that’s probably what gave you floppy socks. But at least they haven’t shrunk. 😉

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