Except for installing the curtain rod and hanging curtains and artwork, the extra bedroom is done.


The bathroom has come a long way and tilework should start this weekend, with me getting in the way to paint.


I thought I had taken a picture after the walls were mudded, but I guess I only looked and admired.

The utility room only needs the granite for the countertop ordered — although I keep vainly lobbying for something less expensive.  Do I really need to fold clothes on granite?  I don’t think so, but Mr. B holds veto power.

The current WIP is looking better.

Comfy Lace

I know it’s not WIP Wednesday.  I will try to do better next week.  I seem to finally be lifting my head above the depression and noticing things again.  Anyway this is my WIP update.

Despite having four large Rubbermaid bins of yarn, I have been acquiring Tosh Sock monthly from Jimmy Beans Wool.


From left to right:  Rhodonite (April), Garnet (February), Labradorite (January), and Chrysocolla (March).  I wonder what May will bring?

Yesterday, Sheri at The Loopy Ewe sent out her newsletter and I was immediately captivated by a new Mystery KAL starting May 12.  I immediately ordered the required set of yarns (which turned out darker than originally planned, but ended up being driven by the variegated yarn I chose for Color #3.


Color #1 is a light color.


Color #2 is an accent color.

Chalk Violet

Color #4 is a dark color.


And Color #5 is another accent color.

Marine Blue

I know only that it will be a large rectangle.  I have done this once before and liked the result, so my fingers are crossed for this Mystery KAL.  The Loopy Ewe website says they have shipped my yarn so it should be here in good time for Clue #1.

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