The bathrooms in the condo were basically dark caves when we bought it.  I went through the condos when they were built 40 years ago and I don’t think think they had ever been renovated.  Damaged, yes.  Renovated, no.

Mr. B believes that many of the skilled carpenters went to war in Europe, the Pacific, and Korea and never came back leaving us with ugly strip malls and badly constructed houses.  I know that our house on Alluvial in Fresno did not have straight walls because we tiled the hallway and, well, the lines did not line up.

The upstairs bathroom was two rooms.  One room had the toilet and the shower and the other room had the vanity.  The room with the vanity had two doors.  One from the hallway and one from the master bedroom.

We needed an unbroken wall in the bedroom to accommodate our dresser and the bathroom was too choppy.  We would have torn out the entire wall between the vanity section and shower/toilet section, but we were afraid it was load-bearing.  Instead we removed two doorways, making one a passageway and the other a wall.

The door between the bedroom and bathroom.



The shower and rocking toilet were torn out and replaced.





The vanity is not quite finished as we await the “official” measuring for the countertop, which it turns out will probably be quartz as the solid surface would have blocked the drawers.

The downstairs was deconstructed this past weekend.


And partially reconstructed and ready for tiling this coming weekend.  It is a tiny room and should go quickly.


Then it is laying down the floors and adding trim and it will be a house!




wip wednesday

There is not much to show.

I am working on a shawl.


I have gotten past the point where I frogged it all back and started again on the summer top I am calling Comfy Lace (the name is a combination of the yarn, Knit Picks Comfy, and the pattern name, Lace Top).  The yarn, a cotton and acrylic combo, is freaking divine; it is soooo soft!


I want to make Pippi by Kirsten Kapur by June 25 so that I can gift it to someone, although that person is not really in my life any more and I want to finish Comfy Lace and I want to finish the new shawl and I signed up to do Camp Loopy after reading about it for years.

I am thinking I should forego the making of the me crazy over adding another deadline to the mix.

I think this because 1) I have plenty to keep me busy what with the sudden signing up for knitted projects that have calendar deadlines (Camp Loopy is three projects over June, July, and August), and 2) we are still working on the condo every weekend.

I’m crazy enough as it is.


almost a bathroom

The bathroom with the rocking toilet was revolting, even when substantially cleaned up.


First there was the repair of the walls of the shower.


Then the Kerdi went into place to create a waterproof barrier.


And the tile was applied.


And to the floor.


Tomorrow we grout and I attempt to make the walls deserving of the floor and shower.

bit by bit

Mr. B had expected to get the entire shower tiled this weekend.  I try not to get in the way of his delusions as it never ends well.

First he had to basically reconstruct the shower.


The mess on the floor is the shower pan covered with painter’s dropcloth and cardboard for protection.

He had to come up with a clever design fix because neither Lowes nor Home Depot in the combined Fresno-Clovis-Madera area had enough of the selected tiles to do what was needed.


Thus only the back wall of the shower got tiled.  The two side walls should go quickly next weekend because they do not have a design element or a shelf to deal with.

Just in case anyone wondered, tiling vertical surfaces bites.

The extra bedroom is pretty much finished and I find it a very pleasant space.


I apologize for the vacuum cleaner and clothes flung on the bed when I changed to my work clothes.  It does NOT add to the ambiance.

I am making this quilt, not in grays, to hang behind the bed.


It is from Annie’s Craft Store and I hope it will be lovely.

The closet door is even in place.


There is not much more I can do until the bathroom is ready for painting.  I think I will go shopping for quilt fabric next weekend.