bit by bit

Mr. B had expected to get the entire shower tiled this weekend.  I try not to get in the way of his delusions as it never ends well.

First he had to basically reconstruct the shower.


The mess on the floor is the shower pan covered with painter’s dropcloth and cardboard for protection.

He had to come up with a clever design fix because neither Lowes nor Home Depot in the combined Fresno-Clovis-Madera area had enough of the selected tiles to do what was needed.


Thus only the back wall of the shower got tiled.  The two side walls should go quickly next weekend because they do not have a design element or a shelf to deal with.

Just in case anyone wondered, tiling vertical surfaces bites.

The extra bedroom is pretty much finished and I find it a very pleasant space.


I apologize for the vacuum cleaner and clothes flung on the bed when I changed to my work clothes.  It does NOT add to the ambiance.

I am making this quilt, not in grays, to hang behind the bed.


It is from Annie’s Craft Store and I hope it will be lovely.

The closet door is even in place.


There is not much more I can do until the bathroom is ready for painting.  I think I will go shopping for quilt fabric next weekend.

Author: marji

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