The bathrooms in the condo were basically dark caves when we bought it.  I went through the condos when they were built 40 years ago and I don’t think think they had ever been renovated.  Damaged, yes.  Renovated, no.

Mr. B believes that many of the skilled carpenters went to war in Europe, the Pacific, and Korea and never came back leaving us with ugly strip malls and badly constructed houses.  I know that our house on Alluvial in Fresno did not have straight walls because we tiled the hallway and, well, the lines did not line up.

The upstairs bathroom was two rooms.  One room had the toilet and the shower and the other room had the vanity.  The room with the vanity had two doors.  One from the hallway and one from the master bedroom.

We needed an unbroken wall in the bedroom to accommodate our dresser and the bathroom was too choppy.  We would have torn out the entire wall between the vanity section and shower/toilet section, but we were afraid it was load-bearing.  Instead we removed two doorways, making one a passageway and the other a wall.

The door between the bedroom and bathroom.



The shower and rocking toilet were torn out and replaced.





The vanity is not quite finished as we await the “official” measuring for the countertop, which it turns out will probably be quartz as the solid surface would have blocked the drawers.

The downstairs was deconstructed this past weekend.


And partially reconstructed and ready for tiling this coming weekend.  It is a tiny room and should go quickly.


Then it is laying down the floors and adding trim and it will be a house!




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