wip wednesday

My knitting has been upended first by Joji’s Starting Point mystery knitalong and then by Camp Loopy.

The result of Starting Point was that I set my Comfy Lace aside sure that I would be able to knit both, which was predicated on the belief that I would knit.  I didn’t.


I am barely beginning Clue 3 of the Mystery Wrap.


Imagine another piece that looks just like this one.  I have to imagine it as well because this is all I have gotten done.  Clue 2 on one triangle.

Camp Loopy has a deadline.  I have to have my item finished, photographed, and posted by June 30.

I have been making a lot of rookie mistakes lately.  I don’t know how many times I started Starting Point nor can I remember how many times I had to tink back rows once it was started, but that led to the abysmally small amount of knitting shown above.

The same thing happened with Delilah, which I am knitting for Camp Loopy.  I restarted it multiple times and only finally got going this past weekend.


I have it on 32″ circs and it is taking up every inch of cable, needles, and then some, so it’s long.  I calculated how many rows I would have to knit every day to make the deadline and was feeling smug about how much time I had.  Then today I noticed that after Row 8 of the Stocking Stitch and Eyelet portion of the pattern it said, and I quote, “Rows 1 to 8 form the st st and eyelet patt.  Work rounds 1 to 8 three times more.”  That’s 24 rows I did not include in my calculations.

It will be Delilah and me for the foreseeable future.